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Kekayung Memalen ning Lubao:

 The past year, we celebrated the 440th founding of our beloved town, Lubao. We celebrated the occasion with pride and joy – showcasing our culture and traditions, with oneness and camaraderie. Matula tamung pigmasusyan ing importanting okasyun ayni anyang milabas a banwa. Ikit tamu ing galing daring kekatamung kabalen, reng talentu daring kekatamung kayanakan, at ikit tamu na istung abe-abe tamung misaup-saup, agawa tamung matagumpe reng kekatamung proyektu at nanu mang kekatamung pinlanu. We were able to showcase the best in each of us through teamwork, team building, and with the right leadership.
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LUBAO:The Cradle of Kapampangan Civilization


Brimming with history and cultural heritage, Lubao is not only the oldest of all Kapampangan towns but is aptly called the Cradle of the Kapampangan Civilization (Duyan Ning Kamalayang Kapampangan). As the portal of a great civilization during its time, Lubao is colored with rich historical landscapes and cultural vestiges.
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Address: Plaza Lubao,
Pampanga, Philippines 2005
Telephone /Fax No.: (045) 971-6276
Email: info@lubao.gov.ph
Website: http://www.lubao.gov.ph

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